About Sarah Turner-Miller, Ph.D.

At the practice of Sarah Turner-Miller, Ph.D., I use and encourage several modalities such as mind-body work, medical hypnosis, heart therapy, and dream analysis. Rely on my extensive experience in dealing with people of all ages to provide the mental health services you need most. My background consists of working with people with developmental issues at infancy, to those experiencing end-of-life issues.

Away from the office, I am a writer, artist, and pianist that is deeply in invoked in historic preservation. I believe that everyone has their own special gifts to be uncovered, discovered, and supported by caring parents, teachers, and mentors.

Presentations, Classes, & Workshops

In 1995, I contributed as an author to exposés entitled "Strategic Emotional Involvement." This ultimately led to the creation of several presentations, classes, workshops, or conferences tailored to parents and teachers. I often deliver talks on subjects such as "The Body Speaks."

Award Winner

In November of 2000, I was given a lifetime membership to the Psychology Who's Who. I attribute this humbling recognition and landmark achievement to my lifetime of dedication, helping so many find the answers and solutions in mental health they've been looking for.

Dealing with Problem Children Effectively

Currently, I hold seven state credentials to assist parents and teachers with evaluating their processes in dealing with children who present a challenge. With my insight, you'll discover better ways of reaching them, which will lead to better outcomes.

Expectations of Therapy

I find something truly special about the deep human connection that occurs after two parties have established a level of trust. In building this trust, I believe that therapy should be thought as an experience of a partnership and an idea that growth is possible in this experience called life.

My hope is that everyone who comes through one of my programs is able to experience and enjoy life more. I also hope that they are able to eliminate self-destructive behaviors and judgment of others, which is never caring.

Contact me today to work with a professional with the experience and dedication it takes to help you achieve your goals.