Insightful Bioenergetics Analysis & Hypnosis

Expect to walk away with eye-opening insight about yourself along with a deeper understanding of couple and family dynamics after your visit with Sarah Turner-Miller, Ph.D. in La Habra, California. Utilizing powerful therapies including bioenergetics analysis and hypnosis, you'll have the tools necessary to make the effective change for good.

Gold Pocket for Hypnosis Procedures Connection with Body & Mind

Discover that what is happening in the mind is what's going on in the body with bioenergetics analysis. Under my careful guidance, you'll develop a real understanding of the body's energetic processes.

Bioenergetics analysis is also a way to let go of stress by connecting with the natural flow of energy. It allows you to resolve emotional problems and explore your own psyche while learning how to express yourself to others. This can affect how you respond to life situations.

The Role of Groups in Healing

Group interaction encourages you to interact with individuals that you wouldn't access normally. By introducing these circumstances, working in a group environment provides a unique way for you to understand key parts of yourself otherwise not seen on your own. As a result, this awareness can help you to navigate through problems in a deeper and more efficient manner.

Importance of Intervention

Intervention is a critical step for addiction recovery and a variety of different group approaches I often utilize. Overall, using this approach allows me to fulfill my emphasis on using the best possible methods of finding the root cause.

Power of Hypnosis

Discover life-changing methods that will help with stress management, insomnia, and how to relax muscles through hypnosis. This area of psychology is invaluable for post and pre-medical procedures.

Contact me today to gain a sense of the powerful transformation only achieved 
with advanced therapies such as bioenergetics analysis and hypnosis.